Perfect Tomato soup at home!

Here I am at my office, and most of the people are suffering from cough & cold. Well not surprising as its mid October now and winter has slowly started creeping its feet in our lives. Well winters are fun, but only if we take good care. You ignore it for one hour max, and you definitely catch cold !

Well humaare paas iss cold ka bhi tod hai !( we have answer for this cold as well)

Remember the days when we used to fall sick at home, mom's used to bring those delicious tomato soups ! aaye haaye, kya din the wo, but ab ghar se door wo soup ka sukh kahaan..( what days were those, but now we don't have that soup's relief away from home)

I am sure we all miss that healthy healthy hot hot soup, so here's my recipe for that perfect healthy tomato soup/shorba.

Ingredients:( 2 bowl full servings)

1. 8-10 medium sized tomatoes (the more red in color the better)
2. 6-7 peeled garlic cloves
3. half inch ginger piece
4. 1-2 tbsp each of chopped green coriander leaves, Spinach leaves, Basil leaves ( holy basil{tulsi}, or even dried Italian herb basil will do).
5. Black pepper powder to taste
6. 1/2 tbsp Roasted cumin powder(bhuna jeera)
7. 1-2 tbsp ghee/butter ( use ghee preferably, one can use 3-4 tbsp of ghee for that goody goody warmth if you feel like)
8. Salt to taste


1. Wash the tomatoes and cut each into 4 pieces.
2. Heat the ghee/butter in a cooker and heat till ghee/butter melts.
3. Crush ginger & garlic gently and add to the hot ghee/butter and cook till garlic starts developing brown specs.
4. Add in the chopped green leafs in the hot ghee/butter and cook till the leaves just start loosing their color.
5. Add in the cut tomatoes and add salt, roasted cumin powder and let the tomatoes cook. Remember no adding water ! Coz if we add water then tomatoes don't get cooked in the ghee and loose their water & flavor.
6. Once all the tomatoes are cooked from at least some side and you get that nice tomato cooked smell a little, then add one to one n half glass of water. Bring to boil without covering the lid of cooker. (add sufficient amount of water, insufficient water can lead to burning of tomatoes).
7. Cover the lid and wait till you get the first whistle. lower the flame and let it stay for some 5-7 mins, or if in no hurry, wait till you get the second whistle out of cooker. The advantage of doing so is the vegetables get nicely cooked and you dont need to put them in blender, putting in blender some how reduces the taste is what i feel.
8. let the cooker cool down on its own or put under a tap of running water and open when all steam is released.
9. Transfer the contents into a strainer and press the rest with a ladle. Press nicely so that you get all the pulp. you can keep adding the extracted soup again to get more out of the boiled vegetables.
10. Once completely extracted heat the soup to desired heat, we can add a little ghee/butter to the soup although I have never done it. Check the salt, add pepper to taste.
11. If you wish, you can cut down some toasted bread croutons and add to the soup. the toasted bread bits can be stir fried on a pan in 1 tbsp butter for further taste and cut into desired shape and size. Top the soup bowl with bread croutons and Tadaa !

Our healthy healthy soup is ready ! :) hope you all get benefited from it.

If you have any comments pls feel free to post them. Good or bad I would love to hear them all :)
So have fun and happy cooking everyone :) 

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  1. Made it when my roomie was sick and it helped a lot, plus it was really delicious. Looking forward to more from you