Aaloo Pyaaz ke Pakode (Potato Onion fritters)

Hi friends! how are you and how's cooking going on? Well I was really busy at office so couldn't update my cooking experiences, and I didn't cook anything much new, but I made Pakode(fritters) yesterday, you know how sometimes you just have to have these yummy fried delicacies! Well I thought why should I put up this recipe, most of us know it, and there are so many recipes out there, BUT when I was going through some of these recipes, I noticed none of them explained the way, ingredients etc needed had to be assembled and cooked to make these delicacies properly!! So here I am with the solution! :D 

Here's my recipe covering every detail! kyunki yummy garma garam pakode khaana to sabhi ka haq banata hai! (coz eating hot & yummy fritters is everyone's right!)

Ingredients: (10-12 pakode)
1. 3-4 small size potatoes.
2. 1 medium size onion
3. 3-4 tbsp fresh chopped coriander leaves.
4. 1-2 tbsp fennel/anise seeds
5. 1-2 green chillies
6. Besan( Gram flour of course!) get at least 250gms, if left out we can use in other dishes.
7. 1 tbsp roasted cumin powder
8. 1/2 tbsp garam masala (if not available, ground 2-3 black pepper corns and 1-2 cloves, and a little piece of bay leaf, cinnamon, star anise or whatever spice you get your hands on. But dont leave out pepper and cloves)
9. 1/2 tbsp red chilly powder
10. Salt to taste
11. 1/4 tbsp turmeric
12. Cooking oil (no olive or coconut oil, rest groundnut, soya been, sunflower, mustard oil etc can be used)
P.S: You can vary the amount of garam masala and roasted cumin powder to taste. Same goes for green/red chillies, but this is the minimum I would suggest.

1. Peel the potatoes and then cut in thin small sizes. The thickness should be close to that of wafers or potato chips, can be little thicker to but not very thick. Length can be as small as garlic clove or just cut the potatoes length, although I prefer the garlic clove size.
2. Peel and wash the onions and finely chop the onions. Oh ya! the potatoes can be of around the same size to, a bit larger will also do.
3. Add the chopped potatoes and onions in a bowl, add the finely chopped coriander leaves, cut green chillies, fennel/anise seeds, all the dry powders, and salt. 
4. Add 1-2 tbsp oil to the mixture and add gram flour 1-2 tbsp at a time. Now keep adding gram flour and water little by little till all vegetables are just covered. Add 1 tbsp of gram flour more at this stage and mix. Don't worry if the mixture looks a little dry, we have to leave the mixture like that for 10-15mins, during this time the flavors get mixed and vegetables leave some water, so we get the perfect pakoda(fritter mix). & if you feel you need more water, you can always add at any stage :)
5. Once the mixture is ready, taste it to make sure all flavors are there. Any additions, adjustments can be done at this time.
6. Ok now that the mixture is ready, we have to do the frying, now how much oil should be used??
Well here for making pakode I am using a table spoon, so the pakode is going to be medium sized. You should use a medium/small vessel to fry. Fill the vessel with oil, the oil level should be enough to submerge atleast 2/3 of pakoda(fritters). Heat the oil till it starts to smoke a little.
7. Drop in the pakode mixture 1tbsp at a time. Keep putting the mixture such that there should 2-3 cms spacing between each pakode(fritter).
8. Now let them sit in oil and get cooked, what's the sign that they are cooked?? They will start to turn golden brown. This is the time to turn them around and let them get golden on other side.
9. Now before taking them out from cooking vessel, press the pakode(fritters) gently between the stirrer/ladle and let oil drip out. Take them out on a plate covered with tissue paper to absorb the excess oil. 
10. Serve them hot with Ketchup or Dhaniye ki Chutney (will upload the recipe soon).

Tadaa!! So we have the simple to make, delicious to eat pakode(fritters) !! 

If you have any comments pls feel free to post them. Good or bad I would love to hear them all :)
So have fun and happy cooking everyone :)


  1. mouth watering recipe ...... really !!
    Thanks for sharing it, you have mentioned even d minor details which gonna b very helpful for a beginner like me. :)

    1. Hi,
      So sorry I am replying to your comment more then a year later.. I rarely write here again. Really thank you for going through the recipe & appreciating my attention for details :)